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Graves County Infrastructure

Graves County is centrally located to several large metropolitan areas including St. Louis, Missouri, 192 miles northwest, Nashville, Tennessee, 142 miles southeast, Memphis, Tennessee, 150 miles south, Louisville, Kentucky, 229 miles northeast, and Chicago, Illinois, 386 miles north. Easy access is available to these larger cities via the Purchase Parkway (future I-69) and I-24.

Graves County’s air service is provided by Mayfield Aviation with a runway of 5,000 feet.

Energy & Water

Electricity is provided to the area by TVA with the local distributors being Mayfield Electric & Water in the City of Mayfield and West Kentucky RECC in the county.

Water is provided by three deep wells with the capacity of 2,800,000 gallons. This is distributed by Mayfield Electric & Water in the City of Mayfield. The average daily consumption is 1,600,000 g.p.d. with the peak consumption of 1,800,000 g.p.d. The storage capacity for water is 2,150,000 gallons.

Natural gas is supplied by Texas Gas Transmission Corp. with the local distributor being Western Kentucky Gas Co.

Fuel oil is available from Ashland Oil-Howard Oil-Chevron.

Liquid propane gas is available from Cal-Gas, Ohio Valley and Graves County Propane.


Cable TV is provided in Mayfield by Comcast, Time Warner and Direct TV. Direct TV, Dish and WK&T offer cable service in the county.

Telephone service is provided by Bell South in the city and WK&T in the county. Several carriers have mobile telephone service.

Internet access is offered in the city by Comcast, Hughes Net, Tim Warner and Direct TV. WK&T offers fiber optic internet service in the county.


Mayfield and Graves County has an Activated Sludge type treatment plant with the capacity of 3.3 million gallons/day. It is currently at 81% capacity. Mayfield is 80% covered by storm sewers in the town itself.


Garbage collection for the town and county is by private companies.


Graves County Fiscal Court

Taxes – Tax Dist.                Real Estate            Tangibles
State                                  .001190                 .004500
County                              .000990                .001050
School                               .004610                 .004611
Library                              .000550                .000905
Health                               .000350                .000350
Kevil                                  .000210                 .000210
EXT DIST                           .000390                .000449
 Total                              .008290               .012070

District 6
Tax Dist.                Real Estate            Tangibles
County                    .008290                 .012070
City                         .002900                 .003067
Total                      .011190               .015137

County Tax Rate for City
Tax Dist.                Real Estate            Tangibles
State                       .001190                  .004500
County                    .000990                .001050
School                     ——                            —–
Library                    .000550                 .000905
Health                     .000350                  .000350
Kevil                       .000210                   .000210
EXT DIST                  .000390                .000449
Total                       .003680               .007460
Tax rates are per one dollar.  The current exemption for Homestead and Disability is $40,500.

Watershed#1 (Mayfield Creek)           .000670
Watershed#2 (Clarks River)                 .005000
Watershed#3 (Obion)                          .000506
Timber                                                    .020000 /acre
Symsonia Fire Dist                                 .001000

Law Enforcement – Sheriff’s Department. 18 Deputies with 15 patrol cars.

Fire Department – 9 volunteer fire departments & rescue squads

City of Mayfield

Mayfield is the County Seat and the largest town in Graves County, located in western Kentucky. The government is Mayor-Council. There are zoning regulations adopted and there is an established planning commission.

Tax Dist.                Real Estate            Tangibles
City                       .002900                 .003067
School                  .007210                  .007210
Total                    .010110               .010277

Law Enforcement – 29 policemen with 19 patrol cars.

Fire Department – 39 full-time persons with 6 fire trucks, 4 ambulances and 1 rescue vehicle. The fire insurance rating is 3rd class. Major industry can negotiate for service to be provided beyond corporate limits.

City of Wingo

Wingo City                                                    .004600
Wingo Fire                                                    .000700

State of Kentucky

Taxes – Sales 6%; Gasoline .10/gallon


Healthcare is provided by the Jackson Purchase Medical Center, a 107-bed facility, 40 Doctors, 2 Podiatriasts, 10 Dentists, and 3 Audiologists available.


Freight and Parcel service for Graves County is provided by Averitt Express, Inc., Parcel Post, Priority Mail, Overnight Express, UPS, Federal Express, Roadway Package Service, and Airborne Express.


River transportation is available in Paducah – 27 miles away – through the Paducah River Port with a minimum channel dept of 9 feet on the Ohio River.


Mayfield/Graves County’s Senior Center provides van service for seniors in the community. Fulton County Transit Authority, Greyhound and Brooks Charter Bus provide access to travel.


There are eight banks or financial institutions.

The area is served by two daily newspapers: The Mayfield Messenger and The Paducah Sun

There is one local radio station: WYMC FM 93.9/AM 1430.


Art Guild




Bowling Alley



Tennis Courts



There are over 2000 acres available for development throughout the county.

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